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The Discovery

par CORVIUS | Signals


The concept

Year 2306, time is running out, the Earth has given almost all the resources it could offer, but
Humanity is on the verge of breaking the greatest mystery of all time: the potential location of signals from unknown beings across the universe.

This new shock wave draws the portrait of a world where futurism has come true and where imagination is an opportunity.

The story begins as two mercenaries Chris and Ame part of the unit called « CORVIUS » joining the space colonization ship « the Antares » composed of scientists, engineers, civilians and militaries who left their past on Earth to find their truth to the most surprising and mysterious corners of the universe.

CORVIUS is an independent cinematic metal band founded in 2018 by Christophe Cubas (main composer, guitar) and Nicolas Le aka Ame 【 雨 】( co composer, lead guitar) as a duo greatly influenced by the works of Hans Zimmer, Starset, Born Of Osiris, The Browning, X Japan, Luna sea , Metallica and Apocalyptica.

They use orchestral sounds, sharp riffs, ambiant/heavy guitar melodies, destabilizing sound effects , multiple vocals and massive percussions.
The cinematic storytelling completes this ambitious concept.


(Main Composer/Guitar)

Christophe Cubas is the founder of CORVIUS. His burning passion for music and movies that lives or haunts him from a certain point of view is the heartbeat of his life. He uses his family, friends, passions and trainings in Musical Composition/Computer Music/Music Marketing as a source of inspiration. His influences are extremely eclectic : Hans Zimmer, Korn, Eminem, The Black Keys, Benny Benassi, Rihanna and many more. In his view, every musical genre as strengths waiting to be unleashed finding all the interest of CORVIUS style in the different ways of expression in the nude and raw emotions as well as the breaking of all the limits. His free time : hanging out with friends, doing sport, videos games, movies, skateboard and soccer.

【 雨 】

(Co composer/ Lead guitar)

Nicolas Le aka Ame【 雨 】   (« Rain » in japanese) is the co founder of CORVIUS. A former student of ATLA ( a contempary music school in Paris), he’s a musician who’s on a never ending quest of improving as an artist (studying music marketing as well), guitarist, singer and songwriter, he formed his first band PsyMe  in highschool when he discovered the live concert of X Japan « Dahlia  1996 tour final », even though he started to learn music quite late , he knew there was no coming back. His influences are X Japan, Luna Sea , Metallica, GNR, HIM,Pantera, John Mayer and many more. In his free time he enjoyed hanging out with friends, play videos games,watch movies, MMA And the NBA.


The Antares

In the storytelling of CORVIUS « the Antares » is a space colonization ship composed of scientists, engineers, civilians and militaries send by earth after the discovery of potential unknown being across the universe. Musically « the Antares » is CORVIUSsession members team, actually composed of Laetitia C aka Nephty (vocals), Quentin B aka A.sch3 (MAO/programmation/mix and mastering) and Yannis V aka War (vocals), as a talented creative team they give 150% of their skills into the project.Also the fans are considered part of the team as well.



Nephty is a  native singer from the north of France.She loves to sing since childhood and fell in love with metal music at the age of 14. By singing her favorites songs, she began to experiment different metal  vocal techniques as a self taught by the age of 15.The next year she formed her first metal band when she displayed  various style of vocals like clean and,lyrical singing, black metal scream  and guttural death. Although her early influences comes from black metal, death metal, heavy power and symphonic metal, her tastes now goes into metal death, melodic, djent, prog and experimental.She has worked with former death trash metal band  12.7 and the power metal band Sythera.
She has joined the CORVIUS’adventure by writing the vocals and lyrics for  their first single « Origins ».


(Sound Engineer)

 Quentin B. aka « A.sch3 » is the sound engineer of CORVIUS. He is a self-made man in music production and at the same time, a musician. He thinks that you cannot do a proper mixing job without understanding music at the core. He started playing piano at the age of 8, then added learning drums about 7 years later. After being bored of piano lesson, he wanted to play his own ideas and it was at this moment he discovered what you could do with a computer. He is mostly influenced by electronic music such as trance and dubstep as well as melodic, symphonic and core metal. He is using his skills to bring CORVIUS music to the summit that it deserve.



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